Family Pictures- Fall 2012

We hadn't had pictures done since we first moved to NC and were overdue. For the most part everyone cooperated and we all survived.  Here are a few of my favorite...


Summer 2011- Part 4

I know it seems like these posts should be done with, but we did a lot of things while in AZ this summer.  It was a quick 4 weeks and we made the best of our time. After we left Sierra Vista and all the other Mayberrys, we headed north to see my family.

We made a quick stop and hung out with my good friend, Amy and her sweet kids.  It has been so nice that these last couple of years we've been able to see each other every summer.  It is a full house when we get together but the kids get along well and we are able to catch up.

It just so happened that all the Miller's were going to be able to make the family reunion this year (thanks for moving it so we could attend).  We wound up just staying in Camp Verde and hanging out, it was so great to spend time with family, especially since we hadn't seen them in some time.  Kevin wasn't able to stay that long though so once again he missed hanging out.  I don't even think my nieces and nephews know who Kevin is!  Now for the picture over load...

We hadn't seen Jett since he was a couple of months old.
This was our first time meeting this sweet girl!

It wouldn't be a trip without some wrestling time with Uncle Ben, he is so tolerant of my kids!

Aunt Caitlin had a good excuse to sit out of the wrestling match (look a that cute belly!)

Popsicle time! (Pepper was sleeping and Catilin was still cooking the baby in her belly)










Lacie (I hadn't met this sweet face yet either!)

We then headed to cooler weather, and spent a day in the woods. We played horseshoes, ate some good food and rode four-wheelers. It was a good time to be had by all.

Seeing who has the bigger belly.
All the grandkids (Caitlin is having the 12th one this month)

I think these four played for the championship, not sure though.

Ben wearing Grandpas hat and looking so handsome!

Summer 2011 -Part 3

The main reason we headed west this summer was Scott, Kev's brother, was getting married. A week or so before the wedding we found out that Kev's parents were going to get to come home for the wedding! They are currently serving a mission in Kiev, Ukraine. It was so great to spend time in Sierra Vista, see the family and be part of Scott's wedding. It was such a great weekend.

Scott and Brooke- Gila Valley Temple

Grandpa Jim and Ralph

We stopped by to visit Grandpa Jim and Connie in St. David

We finally got to meet the adorable, baby Henry.

Playing games with Grandma Marti

Hanging out with cousins


Summer 2011- Part 2

My parents so graciously excepted the offer of taking our kids for the weekend so Kev and I could run away.  This was totally last minute so we are so grateful that it all worked out.  The kids were so excited to hang out with their Grandparents!  We escaped to Sedona (we spent the first two days of our honeymoon there 10 1/2 years ago) and had a couple relaxing days just spending time with each other.  Kev and I had planned to drive to Flagstaff and take the chair lift up the Peaks but it was closed.  So instead we headed to my Grandma Miller's and went to dinner.  I sure love visiting with my Grandmas, they are such amazing women who I greatly admire.  After a few days away we headed back to CV to collect our sweet kids (they were sad to see us return because they weren't done having fun) so we could head south for a wedding.  We couldn't leave though without taking the four wheelers out for a spin...

Ryley went first and by the time I made it back outside with the camera she was done riding, I promise I do try to take pictures of her.

Ben's turn

Olivia's turn
She couldn't decide which way to ride, she was a little worried she'd fall off.

Ethan's turn

Ethan was also a little scared, if you look close enough you can see him grabbing onto Kev's shorts for dear life!

My sweet Ryley